The Farm

Located in one of Canada’s most arable regions, we also have the sun on our side being in the southernmost region of the nation – Southwestern Ontario.


Acres of Arable Land


Acres Planned for 2020


Projected First-Year Output (kg)

Grandpa Al and Great-Grandpa Nelson Guttridge

Located in Merlin, Ontario

The initial 80-acre property is easily capable of being scaled up for future expansions to a neighboring 300 acres.

Born and raised on a farm near the intended grow operation, the Guttridge brothers have sourced local property, equipment and human resources for field operations and business management, ensuring that a tie to the community always remains a core value of 7 Farms Down. The brothers are dedicated to providing long-term employment opportunities to the people of Chatham-Kent and contributing to the strong agricultural history of the municipality.

Why 7 farms down?

When we first started building this business, Health Canada required that any property used for the cultivation of cannabis had to be accessible by a paved road. Since the original farm we grew up in was on a dirt road, this was unfortunately not an option.

The rules have since changed to allow cultivation facilities to be accessible on a dirt road, but we are sticking with the new farm location because of the logistical advantages that a paved road gives us. We have easier transportation, more access to water, and less property maintenance.

And on top of that, we always know that home is only 7 Farms Down.

Grandpa Al Guttridge on top of a wagon for thrashing

We’ve put in the hard work.

Our field has been tiled to maximize yield

The soil has been tested and amended with organic materials

Cover crops have been planted to build micro/macro nutrients

Irrigation pond has been engineered and installed