The Process

7 Farms Down is the first multigenerational agricultural specialist company to enter the market.

Upon licensing, we will bring in thousands of seeds into the legal framework with top-performing cultivars suitable for Chatham-Kent.

Plants are started early spring in high tunnel greenhouse

Plants are transplanted into the field with one mid-season and fall harvest

Plants are harvested and air-dried in a low-cost agricultural outbuilding

Cannabis packaged and shipped to our partners for processing

As farmers, we are focused not on what we pull out of the ground but what we can put in: we won’t treat our soil like dirt.

The farm is located in Canada’s prime and largest agricultural hub, with access to hundreds of acres utilizing traditional farming techniques with a proprietary crop rotation strategy.

The first thing we did to prepare the land was to ensure we are planting on a solid foundation. Much like soybeans, which are tropical and require a longer growing season, the location is perfect for growing cannabis. We’ve also got great access to city water, a water well, and a custom-engineered irrigation pond.

Understanding the relationship between our farm and the environment,

we intend to minimize our operating footprint utilizing innovative technologies for our community, our employees and our customers.

Herbicide and pesticide-free, our organic farm will apply only natural solutions to combat insect and fungal problems.

Additionally, we will utilize natural fertilizers and compost to foster high-quality organics in our soil to become an industry leader in certified organic cannabis.